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        考研復試對考生來說是非常重要的一部分,它關系到考生是否能考研成功的關鍵??佳?a href="http://www.hohmm.cn/html/kyfs/" target="_blank" class="keylink">復試面試中用英語介紹自己,是考查考生綜合運用能力,這部分內容是非常的重要,自我介紹是引導老師對考生個人素質的了解,可以給自己加分,所以自我介紹是非常關鍵的一部分。今天小編就為大家推薦幾篇范文,供各位考生參考:

        Good afternoon, teachers.

        I am very glad to be here for this interview. First let me introduce myself. My name is abc, 25 years old. I come from Weifang, a beautiful city of Shandong Province. I graduated from Commercial College in July, 2001 and major in finance. Then, I was a teacher in abc, When I was a senior school student, I am interested in thought and began to read a certain classic work of Marxism, especially I finished reading “the florilegium of Mao ZeDong”。 From then on, I have dabbled in more and more theoretical works and accumulated great interests in theory study, especially in Marxism.

        I have a dream, a dream of my study. I wish devote my whole life and energy into the development of the Marxism. If I have the opportunity to study in abc University, I‘ll dabble in as much as document about the specialty as possible. If it is possible, I want to get the primary accomplishment in my major, at least, a stable basis.

        Personally, for today‘s China, the first task to the development of Marxism is a process of construction. That’s to say, we should understand Marxism mostly from the aspect of construction and development of social society. Only when our socialistic country has a more rapid and balance development than the capitalistic, we can enhance the attractiveness and persuasion of Marxism eventually.


        以上是研線為考生整理的“2018考研復試面試英語口語自我介紹范文1”相關內容,希望對大家有幫助!為了幫助考生更好地復習,研線為廣大學子推出2019考研全年集訓營、2018復試協議班課程、保研課程系列備考課程,針對每一個科目要點進行深入的指導分析,還會根據每年的考研大綱進行針對性的分析哦~歡迎各位考生了 解咨詢。同時,研線一直為大家推出考研直播課堂,足不出戶就可以邊聽課邊學習,為大家的考研夢想助力!